To the applicant

Anyone dissatisfied with a decision issued by a pension provider or the Finnish Centre for Pensions can appeal the decision by directing a written to the Pension Appeal Board, in accordance with the appeal instructions attached to the decision.

The appeal must be received by the Pension Appeal Board within thirty (30) days of the applicant having been informed of the decision. Unless otherwise shown, the applicant is considered to have been informed of the decision within seven (7) days after it has been mailed to the address reported by the applicant. Unless otherwise shown, a document delivered electronically is considered to have been notified on the third day from the date on which it was sent.

The petition of appeal is to be delivered to the pension provider that issued the decision or to the Finnish Centre for Pensions, allowing for the party issuing the decision to rectify it as requested. If the pension provider or the Finnish Centre for Pensions does not approve of all requests put forward in the petition of appeal, it will transfer the petition of appeal, all documents relating to the appeal and its own rejoinder to the Pension Appeal Board for processing.

The petition of appeal must include at least the stated requests, the grounds for the requests and the decision that is being appealed, as well as the name and contact information of the applicant.

If a legal representative or agent of the applicant has the right of action, the contact information of the legal representative or agent must also be stated. The appeal must also include the postal address and any other address to which the documents relating to the legal proceedings can be sent.

While the appeal is in force, any changes to the contact information must be reported without delay to the Pension Appeal Board.

New evidence can be delivered along with the petition of appeal. Documents that have already been delivered to the pension provider or the Finnish Centre for Pensions do not have to be attached to the appeal. The pension provider or the Finnish Centre for Pensions will deliver to the Board all material relating to the appeal that has been processed earlier.


Estimated processing time

The applicant may request an estimation of the processing time of his or her appeal. The estimation is not binding for the Board as the processing of the matter may be affected by, for instance, deliveries of additional statements.