Processing stages – the petition moves forward

The Pension Appeal Board primarily processes matters in the order of arrival. However, the acquisition of additional clarifications and evidence and hearing the parties to a matter may affect the processing time of a single case. Issues relating to vocational rehabilitation are always processed as urgent.

Once the petition of appeal has arrived at the Pension Appeal Board, the case is registered as pending. The petition then proceeds to the preparation stage, where documents are reviewed and any necessary clarifications are obtained. A case promemoria is also prepared. It may be necessary to obtain additional clarifications throughout the different stages of processing. Following preparation, the referendary draws up a presentation promemoria and a draft decision complete with arguments. Prior to the session, the promemoria, draft decision and various documents are made available to each section member, and the members participating in solving the petition of appeal familiarize themselves with the case documents.

The petition of appeal is settled in a session held by the section. Following the session, the final decision is prepared and reviewed and sent to the parties concerned. Once the decision has been mailed, the documents used in the appeal process are returned to the pension provider for archiving (Section 218, The Employees Pensions Act). The Pension Appeal Board archives the decision, the promemoria and the minutes of the session.

With the exception of the interested party, the decision of the Pension Appeal Board is to be kept confidential where information pertaining to state of health and financial position are concerned.

The Pension Appeal Board does not provide details on any of its decisions over the phone.