The members of the Pension Appeal Board are appointed by the Finnish Government on the motion of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and in accordance with Section 3 of the Act on the Pension Appeal Board. The chairman is appointed until further notice and the deputy chairmen and other members for five years at a time. The current deputy chairmen and members have been appointed for the period 1 January 2022 – 31 December 2026. The Pension Appeal Board has a full-time chairman, four part-time deputy chairmen and 24 part-time members and 19 part-time deputies. Members include medical professionals, members learned in the law, experts in working life and labour market conditions, as well as members familiar with entrepreneurship and farming entrepreneurship. The Board members hold judicial responsibility. Existing regulations on the holders of judicial office determine the right of the chairman, deputy chairmen and members to remain in office.

The Composition of the Pension Appeal Court


Deputy chairmen

Master of Laws Petteri Immonen

Master of Laws Tiina Muinonen


Master of Laws Mika Mänttäri


Senior Lawyer Kirsi Päivänsalo


Senior Lawyer Lauri Pelkonen

The chairman's and the deputy chairmen's commom deputy member is Senior Lawyer Olli Puustinen


Members learned in the law

Permanent members

Deputy members

Master of Laws Kimmo Kangasjärvi

Master of Laws Virva Walo

Senior Lawyer Kristiina Piilola

Master of Laws Kari Peltonen

Master of Laws Milja Tiainen

Master of Laws Daniela Fredman

Senior Lawyer Pekka Paaermaa


Senior Lawyer Susanna Rahkonen



Physician members

Permanent members

Deputy members

Physician, Specialist in internal medicine and cardiology Ilkka Tierala

Specialist in occupational health Petri Nieminen

Physician, Specialist in physiatrics Kia Pelto-Vasenius

Specialist in neurology Sari Atula

Doctor of Medical Science and Surgery, Specialist in physiatrics Kaija Puustjärvi-Sunabacka

Head occupational health physician Aarne Laakkonen

Psychiatrist Roope Raassina

Psychiatrist Antti-Jussi Ämmälä

Doctor of Medical Science and Surgery, Specialist in orthopedics Timo Juutilainen






Members specialised in working life and labour market conditions

Permanent members

Deputy members

Expert Suvi Lahti-Leeve

Leading expert Aki Raudas

Director of Legal Affairs Markus Äimälä

Expert Katja Leppänen

Leading Expert Vesa Rantahalvari

Taxexpert Tiina Ruohola

Expert Hannu Ylänen

Expert Anne Salomaa

Labour Market Representative Merja Renko


Working environment expert Jouni Salonen

Contract Secretary Markku Häyrynen

Expert Tuuli Glantz

Lawyer Katja Syrjänen

Leading Expert Anu Tuovinen

Lawyer Timo Voutilainen

Lawyer Samppa Koskela

Negotiations Manager Riikka Rapinoja

Lawyer Keijo Tarnanen

Negotiations Manager Minna Salminen


Members specialised in entrepreneurship conditions

Permanent members

Deputy members

Head of labour market affairs Harri Hellstén

Head of legislative affairs Tiina Toivonen

Expert Albert Mäkelä



Members specialised in farming entrepreneurship conditions

Ordinary members

Deputy members

Head of research Juha Lappalainen

Expert Antti Lavonen

Accounting Manager Jaakko Vilenius

 Lawyer Kimmo Tammi